"Everything is bigger in Texas" including the state capitol building and the State History Museum.  The impressive state capitol resembles the U.S. Capitol, but because it is Texas, is just a little taller.  All ages will enjoy walking through the capitol building gazing up at the rotunda and peeking in the House and Senate chambers.  For families with young children, though, we recommend keeping this visit relatively short and then venturing over to the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum to learn the story of Texas.   Even if you think your kids are too young to appreciate history, they will be "WOWed" by the exhibits here.  From the Spanish knight, to the Alamo replica, to the oil derrick, our kids had a blast, learned quite a bit, and their imaginations were sent soaring.  After we got home, the kids dressed up like "one of those cowboy heroes at the museum" and played Texas cowboy all afternoon.  For most families, we recommend the "4-D" multimedia presentation, The Star of Destiny, in the Texas Spirit Theater.  The amazing special effects (such as rattling seats, wind, and sound effects) are extremely entertaining for most (our 2-yr-old loved it) and reminiscent of an amusement park experience; however, their authenticity had our most sensitive child wanting to run for the door.

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