Our favorite attraction in Houston is Space Center Houston.  Celebrating the city's unique ties to NASA, Space Center Houston is a full-day's worth of historical and scientific fun.  The indoor playground, alone, would be enough to convince us that this is a great place for children.   Our kids had a fantastic time climbing and exploring the three-story interactive play structure.  Beyond the playground, the other exhibits and presentations were both educational and entertaining.  We particularly enjoyed the "Life in Space" live presentation where we learned about the everyday activities of an astronaut living in zero-gravity.  Our kids loved touching a moon rock and seeing how much they would weigh on Mars. 


Tips for your trip:

  • The one aspect of the Space Center that we felt was over-rated was the tram tour of Johnson Space Center - the real, working NASA.  Our children were bored with this time-consuming tour, so we believe your time is best spent staying with the exhibits.
  • Before you go, check out books on space at your local library.  We were surprised how little our children knew about the space program, and we believe the time spent learning about astronauts beforehand positively enhanced their visit to Space Center Houston.
  • For a unique culinary experience that your family will enjoy, make sure to buy some "astronaut ice cream" at the gift shop before you leave.

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