Driving through the picturesque Hill Country to Natural Bridge Caverns, you would never imagine that another world exists below the surface.  But indeed, as you walk down into the cavern, you are immersed into a world of beauty and mystery that many of us have never seen.


Natural Bridge Caverns, Texas' largest cavern, offers several tour options ranging from basic introduction to more adventurous exploration.  Our family enjoyed the basic Discovery Tour ($17.95 adults, $9.95 ages 3-11, departs every 30 minutes).  Our knowledgeable guide took us on a paved walking tour of the cavern's largest rooms and explained the history and geology of the cavern in a way that the whole family could enjoy.  Our boys enjoyed pretending that they were Indiana Jones on a magnificent adventure.  Our daughter, age 3, enjoyed the "Fairy Castle" stalagmite formation, but overall, we decided that ages 5 and up are probably best suited to enjoy the tour.


In addition to touring the actual cavern, Natural Bridge Caverns offers several other options for family fun including Texas' tallest outdoor climbing tower, a picnic area, and (a favorite of our kids) a gemstone mining sluice.  The sluice is a trough with running water that children can use to "pan for gems".  They immerse a screen tray filled with mining dirt (purchased in the gift shop) into the sluice, and the running water washes away the mud revealing beautiful stones that the children keep as their "treasure".





Natural Bridge Caverns' awe-inspiring beauty is something every Texan should see.  Being in the cavern made us feel very small and turned our thoughts to the Creator of all things who is very great, indeed.

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