Nothing captures a child's imagination like the zoo.  In the fast paced society we live in, it is refreshing to take a stroll and observe the wide eyed amazement of children gazing on God's creatures.  Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, TX is our one of our favorite zoos for many reasons.  Nestled half-way between Dallas and Austin, Cameron Park Zoo makes a fantastic rest stop when traveling I-35.  The size is the perfect balance:  large enough to house a wide assortment of animals yet small enough for young children to make it through the entire park.  Although there are more well-known zoos in Texas, the Waco zoo has all of our kids' favorite animals, and they are actually close enough to view well.  The zoo is well laid out and encompasses 52 acres of lush native vegetation.  There are, also, two GREAT playground areas for young children.  My kids loved the "tree house slide".

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