An African safari right in the middle of the Texas Hill Country!  Our family was blown away by our experience at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, located just north of San Antonio.

We first thought that we would be driving around the ranch looking for animals.  Instead, the beautiful animals (many of them endangered species) were all around us, literally surrounding our car and sometimes even peeking in.  I don't remember ever laughing as hard as I did when an ostrich put his head right into my window. 


Our kids were hanging out of the backseat windows throwing feed to the animals, laughing, and talking to the animals when we remarked that this was one of our favorite family experiences we've ever had.  After we finished driving through the park, we walked around and saw giraffes, lemurs, and kangaroos, and we also visited the petting zoo where we enjoyed feeding goats right out of our hands.  Overall, the variety of animals was amazing, the staff friendly, and the facilities clean and impressive.  After three hours, we were not ready to leave when the park closed.  You should plan to spend at least a half-day exploring the park.  We, also, recommend you purchase the guide book and extra bags of feed. 


While most of us will never get to travel to Africa, we can experience the thrill of an African safari right here in Texas.  We consider the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch a must-do for every Texas family.

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