The Dallas Zoo is Texas's oldest zoo, and at 95 acres, it is also the state's largest.  Families traveling to Dallas are sure to enjoy the variety of animals on display.  While the zoo is old, it is constantly being updated, expanded, and improved.  For example, visitors can look forward to seeing the magnificent new African Savannah exhibit opening in 2010.  We particularly enjoyed the Children's Zoo where kids can feed birds out of their hands, splash in a "river" (bring an extra set of clothes), play on a playground, and pet friendly animals.  We also recommend riding the monorail through the Wilds of Africa as there are animals that can only be viewed from the monorail.  Plus, the novelty of riding a monorail is fun for all ages.  Because the zoo is so large, we recommend carefully mapping out your day to ensure everyone sees their favorite animals without becoming overly tired.  Located in the heart of Dallas, the Dallas Zoo is a great place for families to enjoy nature and marvel at God's creation.

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