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Zoos and Aquariums

Dallas World Aquarium and Zoo

From old, abandoned warehouse to rainforest? Now that takes imagination!  It is that imagination and creativity that make the Dallas World Aquarium and Zoo (DWA) so special.  Upon entering the DWA, visitors are transported to the rainforest.  The tour begins at the top of the building, in the rainforest canopy where free-flying birds abound.  The canopy is home to the only publicly displayed Three-toed sloth in the United States.  The sloth, a Rainforest favorite, is on display daily from 1-4pm, not in a cage, but simply sitting in a tree.  As visitors wind their way down through the aquarium, they visit the forest floor, teeming with life.  Here you find Orinoco crocodiles and their babies, polka-dot stingrays, a huge anaconda, and playful river otters.  Continuing on, visitors find themselves in the underwater portion of the Aquarium marveling at manatees, turtles, penguins, and best of all, sharks.  The sharks actually swim all around visitors as they walk through a glass tunnel.  Overall, the Dallas World Aquarium and Zoo is the most unique zoo presentation we have ever seen and therefore, receives Texas Family Travel's highest recommendation for family fun in Dallas.

Texas State Aquarium

The Texas State Aquarium provides great opportunities for underwater discovery.  Watching dolphins (from both above & below the water) leap, play ball, and respond to their trainer's commands at Dolphin Bay was our family's clear favorite.  The Aquarium is also home to sharks, sea turtles, river otters, hawks, and beautiful fish.  Children will squeal with delight when they touch a stingray at Stingray Flats, and if they have pent-up energy after a day of sight-seeing, the large playground is the perfect place to let them run.



Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

An African safari right in the middle of the Texas Hill Country!  Our family was blown away by our experience at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, located just north of San Antonio.

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Waco's Cameron Park Zoo

Nothing captures a child's imagination like the zoo.  In the fast paced society we live in, it is refreshing to take a stroll and observe the wide eyed amazement of children gazing on God's creatures.  Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, TX is our one of our favorite zoos for many reasons.  Nestled half-way between Dallas and Austin, Cameron Park Zoo makes a fantastic rest stop when traveling I-35.  The size is the perfect balance:  large enough to house a wide assortment of animals yet small enough for young children to make it through the entire park.  Although there are more well-known zoos in Texas, the Waco zoo has all of our kids' favorite animals, and they are actually close enough to view well.  The zoo is well laid out and encompasses 52 acres of lush native vegetation.  There are, also, two GREAT playground areas for young children.  My kids loved the "tree house slide".