Have you ever considered having your next gathering of extended family at a vacation destination?  It is one of the most fun family reunions you will ever have.  Plus, if you rent a large house or condo, it can be a quite cost-effective vacation.

 For the last five years, my mom has rented a beach condo for my sister and I and our two families.  It is her Christmas present to all of us.  We look forward to it all year long.  We go in November or December to take advantage of the off-season rates and share the other expenses such as groceries.  We have all decided that it is our favorite way for all of us to spend time together.  Rather than sitting around a living room catching up on the experiences we've all had during the year, we are actually out on the beach making new memories together.

Tips to make this vacation fun for all:

  • Make sure you rent a condo or house that has plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms to make everyone comfortable.
  • Consider splitting the cost.
  • Bring games for all ages (indoor and outdoor).
  • Trade childcare duties so that each adult gets a little time to themselves.
  • Start a scrapbook to chronicle the extended family vacation over the years.

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