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Texas Outdoors

Garner State Park


Garner State Park...the blessing and the curse of being Texas' most popular state park for overnight camping.

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Amarillo & Palo Duro Canyon


Driving through the cattle and oil country of the Panhandle on our way to Palo Duro Canyon, our GPS says the state park is in 2 miles.  We laugh at the foolish device because anyone can see that these flat, wide-open plains continue for miles in each direction.  About 30 seconds later, our breath is taken away by the sight of the canyon. 

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Monahans Sandhills State Park


Where else but Texas can you go sledding on a 100 degree 4th of July day?  Referred to by many as "The Sahara of the South", we simply call it God's playground.  Monahans Sandhills state park is just like it sounds: a park filled with desert sand dunes.  It is one of the most unique and fun places we've visited in Texas.

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Glen Rose

Don your safari hats, gather your young explorers, and head to Glen Rose for a fun weekend of animals and adventures.


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Caddo Lake

While Texas is known for its many beautiful lakes, there is one lake in East Texas that is so unique, peaceful, and even mysterious that it beckons every Texas family to visit its waters:  Caddo Lake.

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Family Camping

Growing up, I knew two kinds of families:  those that camped and those that did not.  My family was the not camping sort.  So, as the mother of three children, the thought of a family camp-out seemed rather daunting to me. 

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