Growing up, I knew two kinds of families:  those that camped and those that did not.  My family was the not camping sort.  So, as the mother of three children, the thought of a family camp-out seemed rather daunting to me. 

I learned, however, that a family camping trip can be one of the most fun, inexpensive, and laid-back  vacations.


Let our experience Inspire you:

  • My kids loved going on their first "real hike".  It was actually only about a mile, but being on a trail surrounded by woods made them feel like they were on a real adventure.  Take the time to find each child their own perfect hiking stick.
  • Cooking dinner and S'mores over the campfire is a must.  (Of course, we discussed fire safety and carefully supervised the children.)  My kids could not believe people used to cook all their meals like that.
  • Camping provides an incredible opportunity to spend quality individual time with each child.  Sneak away to explore, fish, or let your child pick an activity with your primary focus on getting to know and appreciate your child's unique personality.
  • The stars, the stars!  Have your children ever REALLY seen a sky filled with stars?  What a wonderful opportunity to talk about God's awesome creation.

Our tips to Simplify your trip:

  • Camping in Texas is most enjoyable in spring or fall.
  • Bring simple games to play at the campsite.  We enjoyed boccie ball, a bean-bag toss, and Go Fish.
  • Camping is one of the most budget-friendly travel ideas.  You will need to make an initial investment in equipment, such as a large tent, sleeping bags, chairs, and an ice chest.  Consider borrowing equipment from a friend for your family's first trip, so you can make sure they like it before you make a big investment.  
  • Make sure everyone has plenty of good food and yummy snacks, but keep your grocery list simple.  This is not the time to be a gourmet cook.  Go for convenience. 
  • Keep everyone comfortable.  Wear old clothes, bring insect-repellent & sunscreen, and consider sleeping on air mattresses (makes the hard, lumpy ground more comfortable).
  • If you're not sure how your kids will do sleeping in a tent, your first camp-out could be in your own backyard.  Fire up the grill for hot dogs & S'mores.  Then crawl into the tent for bedtime stories.  If the kids are doing well, great!  You can camp right there, but if they are not happy, their cozy bed is just a few steps away.

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